wow you have very nice looking hands…… i bet they would look even better wrapped up in mine…..

or around my dick

or clasped together in prayer askin god to help you see the error of your ways

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I saw my best friend for the first time today

She had brown hair that reached her shoulders and piercing blue eyes

There were cuts on her arm and on her stomach
There were bags under her eyes from nights spent crying

She had thrown her bottle of pills against the wall from expressing her hatred of being dependent on them

What I saw was not lovely
What I saw was not beautiful

So to all of you who use mental illness as a fashion statement
Expressing your scars as “accessories to your bracelets”

I only have so many questions to ask
What is so beautiful about mental illness?

What’s so beautiful about crying and screaming and tormented souls?
What’s so beautiful about young kids being sent to mental hospitals more times than the average adult?

Is the sadness and the inability to do anything captivating to you?

Because what I saw today was not beautiful

I saw my best friend for the first time today

She was staring back at me in the mirror

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